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Preparation and Fulfilment

A History and Study of Fulfilment Theology in Modern British Thought in the Indian Context



Contents: Methodological Introduction – The Concept of Fulfilment and Fulfilment Theology – Commissioned Works (key figures include: F.D. Maurice, Rowland Williams) – Comparative Religion (M. Monier-Williams, F. Max Müller) – Missionary Usage (Ram Mohan Roy, K.C. Sen, K.M. Banerjea, T.E. Slater) – British Theology and the Church (B.F. Westcott, J.H. Newman, A.P. Stanley, E.W. Benson) – «Edinburgh 1910»: the World Missionary Conference – J.N. Farquahr and the Crown of Hinduism – Criticisms and Assessment (A.G. Hogg, H. Kraemer, Radhakrishnan, C.F. Andrews, Sadhu Sundar Singh).