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Intellectual Emancipation: Swiss Women and Education


Joy Charnley and Malcolm Pender

Contents: Yvonne Leimgruber: On the Difficulty of Realising a Theory of the Sexes: A Comparison between the Writings and the Everyday Practice of the Pedagogue Rosette Niederer-Kasthofer (1779-1857) – Claudia Crotti/Charlotte Müller: ‘Die Galanterie wich dem Kampf’: Women at Swiss Universities in the 19th Century – Tatiana Crivelli: The Ladies of the Romanica – Joy Charnley: Education and Female Aspiration in the Works of Janine Massard – Malcolm Pender: Emancipation through Writing: Mariella Mehr and steinzeit – Annelies Debrunner: Career Opportunities for Women - New Possibilities at Swiss Colleges?