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Aesthetics and Aisthesis

New Perspectives and (Re)Discoveries


Hans Adler

Contents: Hans Adler: Aesthetics and Aisthetics: The Iota Question – Hinderk Emrich: Neurobiological Aspects of Aisthesis – Steven Krause: Analogical Reasoning: An Aesthetic Method – Christoph Weber: Free Nature Today: On the Preservation of Nature in the Fields of Aesthetics – Carsten Zelle: Constellations of Aesthetic Experience: Baumgarten/Bouhours - Jauß/Bubner/Welsch/Bohrer – Jochen Schulte-Sasse: Aesthetics, Aisthesis, and Linear Perspective – Sabine Gross: In Praise of Perambulation: Reflections on Perception, Embodied Subjects, and Learning Environments – Ivan Soll: Some Thoughts on the Development of Disinterestedness in Aesthetics.