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Seeing Things

Vision, Perception and Interpretation in French Studies


Simon Kemp and Elizabeth Saxton

Contents: Libby Saxton/Simon Kemp: Introduction – Martin Crowley: ‘Que pourrait-on montrer d’autre que ce qu’on voit?’: Duras and the Photography of the Real – Nick Hanlon: Baudrillard’s Aesthetic – Patrick Sheil: Neither Here nor There: Merleau-Ponty on Vision and Existence – Stamatina Dimakopoulou: On Seeing in Surrealism: Max Ernst’s Objects of Vision – Rakhee Balaram: Eyes Wide Open, Eyes Wide Shut: Defining the Surrealist Eye – Hannah Westley: Visions of the Muse in Michel Leiris’s L’Âge d’Homme – Alistair Swiffen: Seeing Double/Hearing Things: In(s)anity in the Aumonymes of Robert Desnos – Claire Boyle: Resisting the Whole Picture: The Gaze, and Reading Autobiographies by Nathalie Sarraute and Georges Perec – Sonya Stephens: Baudelaire and Courbet: The Art of the Unfinished – Ariane Smart: Hugo Visionnaire: Realism and Symbolism in the Myth of Paris – Blandine Chambost: The Mesmerizing Muse: Salome seen by Moreau and Mallarmé – Jean Khalfa: Seeing the Present – Emma Wilson: Screening Pleasure: Touch and Vision in Contemporary Cinema (Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs: Blanc) – Carol O’Sullivan: Picturing Characters: Zazies à gogo.