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Comparing Curriculum-Making Processes


Moritz Rosenmund, Anna-Verena Fries and Werner Heller

Contents: Moritz Rosenmund/Anna-Verena Fries/Werner Heller: Introduction – Ernst Buschor: Opening Address – Jan van den Akker: The Potential of Development Research for Improving the Relation between Curriculum Research and Curriculum Development – Bettina Backström-Widjeskog/Sven-Erik Hansén: Problems Concerning Comparative Research of Curriculum Development – Cecilia Braslavsky: The Contemporary Process of Curricular Transformation in Argentina – Catherine Cornbleth: Curriculum Politics, Policy, Practice. Comparative Questions, Contextualized Cases – Anca Dumitrescu: Intercultural Values in the New Foreign Language Curricula in Today's Romania – Anna-Verena Fries: Effects of the Curriculum Discourse – Gianni Ghisla: Curriculum as a Framework: An Educational Plan to Face the Complexity of Pedagogical Innovation and its Strategic Requirements – Urs Grob/Katharina Maag Merki: Guiding Principals in Cantonal and Intercantonal Compulsory School Curricula in the Context of Evaluation Research – Renate von Heydebrand: Evaluation and Curriculum-Planning - an Analysis of Literary Evaluation and Canon-Formation as a Contribution to Comparative Curriculum Research – Kin-yuen Ip: The Making of the New Curriculum of Politics in Secondary Schools of China: Depoliticization of a Political Curriculum under Central Control – Ramsey D. Koo: Curriculum Reform in Macao: Issues and Challenges in Socio-Political Transition – Rudolf Künzli: Curriculum Policy in Switzerland – Slavica Maksic: The Relevance of Curriculum Research: The Evaluation of Curriculum-Making Processes – Elizabeth McEneaney: Participation and Expertise in Primary School Science Textbooks: A Comparative-Historical Analysis – Joanna Le Métais: The Democratic Curriculum – Birgit Pepin: Methodological Issues of Cross-National Comparisons: Efforts to Establish Equivalence in a Cross-National Study of Mathematics Teacher's Work in England, France and Germany – Aleksandra Petrovic: Coordinating Curriculum Objectives and Contents for the Purpose of Developing Mutual Understanding between Ethnic Groups – Moritz Rosenmund: Approaches to International Comparative Research on Curricula and Curriculum-Making Processes – Bruno Santini-Amgarten: The Use of the Curriculum in Private Schools: A Comparative Study of Catholic Schools – Kirsten Sivesind: Task and Themes in Communication about the Curriculum: The Norwegian Compulsory School Reform in Perspective – Walo Hutmacher: Some Concluding Remarks: Changing Perspective.