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Yearbook of the Artificial. Vol. 1

Nature, Culture & Technology- Methodological Aspects and Cultural Issues


Massimo Negrotti

Contents: Massimo Negrotti: On the logic of the artificial – Syed Mustafa Ali: The nature of the artificial: augmenting Negrottian artificiality with neo-Whiteheadian naturality – Danila Bertasio/Giorgio Marchetti: Invisibility revealed by visibility – Monica Bordegoni/Umberto Cugini: Visual-haptic multimodal human-computer interaction – Mariella Combi: The cultural body and artificial technology – Giuseppe Lanzavecchia: Freedom from the limits of the human condition – Giuseppe O. Longo: Natural-artificial: continuity or discontinuity? – Victor Margolin: Human and machine: issues of collaborative action – Kavita Mehra: Biotechnology towards designing of the life: the culture of the artificial – Sabrina Moretti: Social interaction in artificial societies – Giuseppe Padovani/Romano Zanni: For an epistemology of the artificial – Antonino Porrello: Information society and theory of the artificial – Lars Qvortrup: Digital art and design poetics: the poetical potentials of projection and interaction – Martino Rizzotti: Are humans the sole producers of artificial? – Giacomo Romano: Between artificial and artifact – Yoshihiro Sato: Technology in the shape of culture - Design of information technology for life – David Smith: Communicating tacit knowledge across cultures: a multimedia archive of the Bankura Dhokra craft industry of West Bengal as a case of the artificial.