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Transformation of Resource Conflicts: Approach and Instruments

Günther Bächler, Kurt R. Spillmann and Mohamed Sulimann

The collection of contributions to this volume addresses such burning issues as natural resource management, conflict transformation, and co-operation in sub-regions of the Horn of Africa. The individual pieces of action-oriented field research constitute the final report of the international research project on Environmental Conflict Management (ECOMAN). ECOMAN focuses on theory and practice of environmental conflict management in the Horn of Africa. On one hand it draws from the discussion launched in the mid-nineties about environmental security, and about political, legal, and institutional approaches to deal with highly complex and multi-party conflict. On the other hand it refers to traditional and/or local mechanisms of conflict regulations if and when resource use and distribution is involved. It adopts mainly a transformatory approach using process-oriented and interactive problem solving methods.
Contents: Mohamed Suliman/Kurt R. Spillmann/Günther Baechler: Environment and Co-operation in the Horn of Africa – Eva Ludi: Household and Communal Strategies Dealing with Degradation of and Conflicts over Natural Resources. Case Studies from the Ethiopian Highlands – Iyob Tesfu: Management of Conflicts Arising from Contending Demands for Land, Water, Wood, and Related Natural Resources. Resettled Returnees vs. Resident Communities and Commercial Farms at Gahtelai – Mohamed Suliman: Resource Access, Identity, and Armed Conflict in the Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan – Medhane Tadesse: Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution versus State Intervention. The Borana Oromo and Merihan Somalis in Ethiopia – Iyob Tesfu: Urbanization, Resource Sharing, and Conflict Management in Eritrea. Socioeconomic and Ecological Impact of the Expansion of Asmara on the Satellite Villages – Lia Ghebreab: Conservation and Development Interactions. The Case of Semienawi Bahri – Seyoum Gebre Selassie/Tesfu Baraki: Determinants and Consequences of Environmental Conflict in North Shoa, Central Ethiopia – Atta El-Battahani: Tribal Peace Conferences in Sudan. The Role of the Joudiyya Institution in Darfur, Western Sudan – Yacob Arsano: Conflict Management over Water Rights in Ethiopia. The Case of the Woiyto Valley in Southern Ethiopia – Andemichael Misgina/Zerabruck Tesfamariam: Microdam Water Management and Common Use by Neighboring Villages in the Eritrean Highlands. A Case Study – Günther Baechler: Transformation of Resource Conflicts. Approach and Instruments.