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The Sounds of Navajo Poetry

A Humanities of Speaking


Anthony Webster

The Sounds of Navajo Poetry analyzes five poems by Navajo poet Rex Lee Jim in order to think through questions of linguistic relativity and translation. In fundamentally rethinking linguistic relativity, this book argues for a humanities of speaking that attends to poetics as a key site for coming to terms with the ways languages facilitate imaginative acts. This book will be of particular interest to researchers in anthropology, linguistics, Native American studies, sound studies, and translation studies. The Sounds of Navajo Poetry will be particularly appropriate for courses on verbal art, language and culture, contemporary Native American poetry, translation, and sound studies.

List of Tables – Acknowledgments – Introduction – The Mouse That Sucked – X Marks the Spot – In the Fall – Seductive Ideophony – The Art of Failure – Conclusion – Index.