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Tracing Spikes in Fear and Narcissism in Western Democracies Since 9/11

Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Tracing Spikes in Fear and Narcissism in Western Democracies Since 9/11 discusses critically not only the modern obsession with consuming news related to disasters or terrorism as a primary form of entertainment, but also explores the theory of pleasure as it was formulated by the ancient Greeks and continued by Sigmund Freud. Beyond the principle of pleasure was the touchstone of the sense of scarcity, which was rooted in the logic of capitalism. Throughout the 1970s, the society of producers brought about the advent of a society of consumerists; however, after the attacks on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001, things radically changed. The idea of terror, which had been encapsulated within the society of producers, was expanded to become the centerpiece of a new stage of capitalism, Thana-Capitalism, which made the death of others the main commodity for exchange and consumption.

Introduction – Beyond the Principle of Pleasure Lies Terror – The Archetype of Lost Paradise: Neglecting Suffering – From Production to Consumption: The Origins of Terror – Maximiliano E. Korstanje / Hugues Seraphin: Miscarried Enjoyment! Alcohol Consumption as a Platform of Pleasure, Hospitality, and Distinction – From Risk Perception Towards Thana-Capitalism – The Heritage of Terror  – Terrorism and Media in the Days of Thana-Capitalism.