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Between Cross and Class

Comparative Histories of Christian Labour in Europe 1840-2000


Lex Heerma van Voss, Patrick Pasture and Jan De Maeyer

Contents: Lex Heerma van Voss/Patrick Pasture/Jan De Maeyer: Acknowledgments – Patrick Pasture: Introduction: Between Cross and Class. Christian Labour in Europe 1840-2000 – Wilhelm Damberg/Claudia Hiepel/Alfredo Canavero: The Formation of Christian Working-Class Organizations in Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands (1840s-1920s) – Jan De Maeyer: The Formation of a Christian Workes’ Culture in Pillarized Societies: Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, c. 1850-1950 – Paul Misner: The Roman Catholic Hierarchy and the Christian Labor Movement: Autonomy and Pluralism – Pieter van Duin/Zuzana Poláčková: «Against the Red Industrial Terror!»: The Struggle of Christian Trade Unions in Austria and Czechoslovakia Against Socialist Trade-Union and Workplace Domination, 1918-1925 – William Patch: Fascism, Catholic Corporatism, and the Christian Trade Unions of Germany, Austria, and France – Andrea Ciampani/Massimiliano Valente: The Social and Political Dynamics of the Christian Workers in Unified Trade Union Movements: The Experiences of Italy and West Germany after World War II – Frank Georgi/Lex Heerma van Voss: Christian Trade Unionism and the Organization of Industry: From the Organized Profession to Democratic Planning and Self-Management – Patrick Pasture: Building the Social Security State: A Comparative History of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, from the Nineteenth Century to the 1960s – Hugh McLeod: Religion and the Organization of the Working Class in Great Britain, c. 1830-1960 – Iriana Novichenko: A Christian Labour Movement in Eastern Europe? – Carl Strikwerda: «L’organisation, clé du succès!»: European Christian Labor Movements in Comparative Perspective.