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Cityscapes and Countryside in Contemporary German Literature


Julian Ernest Preece and Osman Durrani

Contents: Stefan Neuhaus: ‘Stadt-Land-Frust’: on the Metamorphoses of a Literary Dichotomy – Ruth J Owen: ‘Germania im Bunker’: German Urban Landscapes in Contemporary Poetry – Chloe Paver: Down and Out in the New Germany: Urban Homelessness in Post-‘Wende’ Fiction – Robert Gillett: An Index and its Chronicle: Hubert Fichte’s Hamburg (Hauptbahnhof) – Alexander Gumz: The Novel as the City’s Body: Georg Klein’s Libidissi – Andreas Kramer: ‘die unerheblichkeit berlins’: Contemporary German Poetry and the Re-Writing of Regionalism – David Rock: Landscapes, Towns, and Cities from the Banat to Berlin in Richard Wagner’s Stories and Novels – Christina Ujma: All Quiet on the Italian Front? The Image of Rome in Contemporary German Prose – Robert Halsall: Phenomenology of the Suburb: Peter Handke’s Mein Jahr in der Niemandsbucht – Arthur Williams: WG Sebald: Probing the Outer Edges of Nature – Axel Goodbody: Greening the City: Günter Seuren’s Satirical Account of an Urban Conservation Project in Die Krötenküsser – Simon Meacher: Anthropocentrism in Siegfried Lenz’s Exerzierplatz and Die Auflehnung – Owen Evans: Living in the Past? Günter de Bruyn, Prussia, and the Mark Brandenburg – Stuart Parkes: Home Advantage? The Settings of Martin Walser’s Novels and the Question of Heimat – Dieter Stolz: Province as Microcosm or ‘im Kleinen das Grosse aufschreiben’: Christof Hamann’s Debut Novel Seegfrörne – Juliet Wigmore: Crime, Corruption, Capitalism: Elfriede Jelinek’s Gier – Susan Tebbutt: The Politicised Pastoral Idyll in Ludwig Laher’s ‘Heimatroman’, Herzfleischentartung – Gregory Knott: ‘Zwischen Sehnsucht und Vergänglichkeit’: Arnold Stadler’s Concept of Heimat.