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Essays on Nineteenth-Century French Culture


Nigel Harkness, Paul Rowe, Tim Unwin and Jennifer Yee

Contents: Nigel Harkness/Paul Rowe/Tim Unwin/Jennifer Yee: Introduction – Margaret Cohen: The Waterways of Modernity: The Case of Haussmann’s Paris – Edward Welch: Zola, Jourdain and the Architectonics of Modernity – Aude Campmas: Les Fleurs de serre: entre science et littérature à la fin du dix-neuvième siècle – Miranda Gill: Hieroglyphs of the Mind: Delirious Interpretation and the Psychology of Enigma,1830-1910 – Mary Orr: Provincial Transfers and French Cultures: Flaubert’s Voyage aux Pyrénées et en Corse – Heather Williams: Une suvagerie très douce – Kathleen Cambor: ‘L’Invasion!’: Colonising France’s Mediterranean South – Tom Verschaffel: Art and Nationality: The French Perception of Belgian Painters at the Paris Salons (1831-1865) – Kate Turner: Balloons over Bismarck: The Interplay of Fact and Fiction in Representations of the Fabulous History of the Balloon during the Siege of Paris – Hannah Thompson: A Battle in the Feminine? The Gendered Body and the Franco-Prussian War – Rachel Chrastil: Great Powers, Small Communities: Commemorating the Franco-Prussian War, 1871-1914 – Karine Varley: Memorialising the Defence of Paris: The Commemoration of the Franco-Prussian War in the Capital – Michael Tilby: Past or Present? A New Look at the French Historical Novel in the Late 1820s – Judith Wulf: ‘Rabâchage’ et formation du sens romanesque chez Victor Hugo – David Evans: Baudelaire and Irresolvable Poetic Tension – Peter Dayan: L’Obscurité, entre Mallarmé et Proust – Masha Belenky: Gender Reversals: Reading Jealousy in Balzac and Rachilde – Göran Blix: The Archaeology of Private Life: The Romanic Discourse of Intimacy – James F. McMillan: Rediscovering Louis Veuillot: The Politics of Religious Identity in Nineteenth-Century France.