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Stendhal’s Parallel Lives


Francesco Manzini

Contents: The works of Stendhal (1829-42) – Plutarch’s Nachleben in Western Europe – Romantic theorizations of influence – Neo-Plutarchan readings of the French Revolution and Empire – The function of emulation and imitation in the works of Stendhal – Marcus Brutus, Julius Caesar, Epaminondas and the Stendhalian hero – Anecdote, biography, autobiography and the Stendhalian novel – France and Italy in the works of Stendhal – Politics, history and cultural memory in the works of Stendhal – Biographical Sketches: Promenades dans Rome, Vie de Henry Brulard, Souvenirs d’égotisme, Mémoires sur Napoléon, Historiettes romaines, Voyages en France – Imaginary Biographies: Armance, Le Rouge et le Noir, Lucien Leuwen, La Chartreuse de Parme, Lamiel.