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European Intertexts

Women’s Writing in English in a European Context


Patsy Stoneman and Ana Maria Sanchez-Arce

Contents: Linda Hutcheon: Foreword – Patsy Stoneman: Introduction – Nicole Ward Jouve: The Dawn of the Other: A Millennial Meditation – Vita Fortunati: The Theoretical Challenge of Feminist Comparative Studies: Between Universalism and Difference – Ana María Sánchez-Arce: ‘My Name Is Legion’: an Exploration of Immigration and Postcoloniality in Intertextual Studies – Marta Minier: Translation Revalued: Reconsidering Translation from the Vantage Point of Gender Studies – Eleonora Federici: Destabilising the Canon: A Survey and a Bibliography of Intertextual Critical Theory – Ana Zamorano: Our Radical Strangeness and the Space in Between: Intertextuality and Abjection – Jeni Williams: Intertexts in the European Text of the Nation: the case of Welsh Women Writing in English – Gabriela Macedo: Scandalous Bodies: Visual Poetics and the Politics of Representation – Brian Hoyle: Intertextuality and Film: Sally Potter’s ‘Orlando’ – Susan Stanford Friedman: Hybridity, Migration, and Cultural Parataxis: New Ways of Thinking about Intertextuality.