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German Literature between Faiths

Jew and Christian at Odds and in Harmony


Peter Meister

Contents: Peter Meister: Preface – Lawrence E. Frizzell: Jew and Christian in the New Testament – G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.: The Jews in the Heliand – Danielle Buschinger (tr. Kwaku Gyasi): Two Sages of Troyes: Rashi and Chrétien – Debra L. Stoudt: Parallels between Jewish and Christian Mystical Experiences in Medieval Germany – Albrecht Classen: Jewish-Christian Relations in Medieval Literature – Manfred Voigts: Three Rings: Mendelssohn - Nathan - Lessing – G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.: Precious Crumbs: Home... and Hansel... and Gretel – Peter Meister: Two Temptation Scenes: Jesus and Faust – William C. McDonald: «Do I Not Hear the Jordan Rippling?» Heine the Hebrew? – Manfred Voigts: Franz Kafka at the Entrance to Torah – Kelly Cherry: Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus: A Dialogue Volume – Albert H. Friedlander: Germany at its Best: Concentration Camp Heights – Steven Leonard Jacobs/Rolf J. Goebel: A Jewish-German Dialogue.