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Depicting Desire

Gender, Sexuality and the Family in Nineteenth Century Europe: Literary and Artistic Perspectives


Rachael Langford

Contents: Rachael Langford: Introduction: Culture and Society in Nineteenth-Century Europe - Points of Convergence – Victoria Best: Sex and the City: Angels and Demons in Second Empire Paris – Vivian Ralickas: The Abject Sublime in Poe – Michael Gratzke: Mondscheinjägerei. Joseph von Eichendorff’s Das Marmorbild as a mise-en-abîme – Nigel Harkness: Negotiating Masculinity: Nineteenth-Century Re-interpretations of Manon Lescaut – Blandine Chambost: Beyond the Frame: Female Excess in Zola’s L’Œuvre – Giovanna Silvani/Vanja Strukelj: The Legend of Salome in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Art – Elaine Pigeon: (Homo)sexuality and Impressionism in Henry James’s The Ambassadors – Robert Howes: Cartoon and Literary Images of Homosexuality in Nineteenth-Century Portugal – Alison Sinclair: Errant Strands and Loose Ends: Subjugation and (Dis)closure in the Late Nineteenth-Century Spanish Novel – Lisa P. Condé: Gender and Power in Pérez Galdós’s play, La loca de la casa (1893) – Isobel Hurst: ‘The Feminine of Homer’: Elizabeth Barett Browning’s Casa Guidi Windows – Anindyo Roy: ‘Gold and Bracelet, Water and Wave’: Signature and Translation in the Indian Poetry of Adela Cory Nicolson – Christine Colón: Framing the Texts: Power and Subversion in Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White – Nicholas White: Green Eyes and Purple Prose: Late Nineteenth-Century French Divorce Literature - a Proposal for Research – Karl Leydecker: The Politics of Divorce: Fanny Lewald’s Eine Lebensfrage in the Context of Prussian Divorce Reform in the 1840s.