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Italian Colonialism

Legacy and Memory

Jacqueline Andall and Derek Duncan

Contents: Jacqueline Andall/Derek Duncan: Memories and Legacies of Italian Colonialism – Nicola Labanca: History and Memory of Italian Colonialism Today – Giampaolo Calchi Novati: ‘National’ Identities as a By-Product of Italian Colonialism: A Comparison of Eritrea and Somalia – Daniela Baratieri: Bengasi - Bengasi anno ’41: The Evidence of Silences in the Transmission of Memory – Derek Duncan: Italian Identity and the Risks of Contamination: The Legacies of Mussolini’s Demographic Impulse in the Work of Comisso, Flaiano and Dell’Oro – Charles Burdett: Colonial Associations and the Memory of Italian East Africa – Alessandro Triulzi: Adwa: From Monument to Document – Sandra Ponzanesi: Beyond the Black Venus: Colonial Sexual Politics and Contemporary Visual Practices – Jacqueline Andall: Immigration and the Legacy of Colonialism: The Eritrean Diaspora in Italy – Cristina Lombardi-Diop: Selling/Storytelling: African Autobiographies in Italy – Pauline Small: Immigrant Images in Contemporary Italian Cinema: A Nation with a Clear Conscience? – Ruth Iyob: From Mal d’Africa to Mal d’Europa? The Ties that Bind.