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Social Competences in Vocational and Continuing Education


Antony Lindgren and Anja Heikkinen

Contents: Philipp Gonon/Anja Heikkinen: Preface: Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education – Antony Lindgren/Anja Heikkinen: Introduction: The Revival of the Social in Vocational and Continuing Education – Anthony Lindgren: Can Research on Vocational Education and Training (VET) still be Progressive? – Lorenz Lassnigg: Strengthening Social Competences in VET - a New Relationship between Social Capital and Human Capital? – Matthias Vonken: Being Competent or Having Competences – Beatrix Niemeyer: Gender and Key Competences - Key Terms of Unrelated Debates? – Liv Mjelde: Women and Apprenticeship: Industrial, Technological Skilling and Gendering Changes in the Printing Industry in Norway – Håkon Høst/Svein Michelsen: Who will Nurse us in our Old Age? - On the Erosion of Social and Cultural Preconditions for Care Education – Rudolf Husemann: Ageing, Employment and Qualification - Problems and Perspectives of Adult Education – Antony Lindgren: Vocational Education and Social Competence - Theory and Practice in Vocational Education – Philipp Gonon: Convergence of Discourses - Convergence of Structures? The Reform of Vocational Education in England and Switzerland in the Light of the European Integration – Katrin Kraus: New «Virtues of Employees» - a Topic for Educational Science? – Anja Heikkinen: The Erosion of the Social and the Promotion of Social Competences in Vocational Education and Training.