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The Magical Properties of Workshop Learning

Translated by Richard Daly


Liv Mjelde

Contents: Work, Learning, and Vocational Education – Reform 94: Was the Way Forward the Way Back? – What Do I Need Theory For? I’m Going to Be a Printer – Learning and Meaning in Vocational Education: Lev Vygotsky and John Dewey on Vocational Pedagogy – Working Life as a Learning Arena – Dinner through Text: A Social History of How Home Economics Teaching Entered the School System – From Factory and Housework to Oil and Caring: Changes in Girls’ Education in the Vocational Fields during the Years of Reform 94 – Women and Apprenticeship: Industrial, Technological, Skills- and Gender-Related Changes in the Printing Industry in Norway – Bridging Praxis and Research: Vocational Teachers on the Journey from Work to Learning, from Learning to Work – Workshop Learning and the Education of the Future.