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Laity and Participation

A Theology of Being the Church


Thomas Hoebel

Contents: Point of Departure, General Perspective and Framework – A Theology of the Laity in the Light of Scripture - Some Key Aspects – Laity and the C(o)urse of History – Questions and Perspectives - First Results – The Laity in the Documents of Vatican II – Paul VI – John Paul II – Unofficial Positions - ‘Non-Roman’ Roman Catholic Views – An Anglican Perspective on the Laity – Anglicanism and Laity: Individual Positions and Perspectives – Anglicans and Roman Catholics in Dialogue – The Perspectives and Challenges of Latin America, Africa and Asia to Lay Theology – Ecclesiological Aspects of the Laity in Liberative Theologies – The People of God: Towards a Positive Definition of the Laity – Some Suggestions for a Different Theology of the Laity – Consequences: Some Perspectives – A Biblical Vision of Being the Church.