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A Theology for Europe

The Churches and the European Institutions


James Barnett

Contents: James Barnett: A Spectator Calls – Robin Guthrie: A Graceless Trudge – Richard Fischer: The Council of Europe and the Churches: the Same Struggle? – Keith Jenkins: The Churches and Europe: Relating to the European Institutions – Paul Gallagher: The Holy See and Europe: an Enduring Commitment – John Arnold: CEC and EECCS: the Process of Integration 1986-1998 – Zoltan Bona: Understanding and Valuing European Diversity – Simon Palmer: International Organisations and Religion: is Dialogue Necessary or Possible? – Marc Lenders: The Future of Rural Life in Europe: the Minutes of an Experiment – Peter Schreiner: Education and Religion for a Pluriconfessional and Pluricultural Europe – Jean-Pierre Ribaut: The Council of Europe, the Churches and... ‘Mélanges’ – Michael Vorbeck: Perceptions of the Churches by the European Institutions – Metropolitan Daniel: The Orthodox Church and Human Rights: a Pastoral Response to a Pressing Issue – James Barnett: La Viande Ovine Anglaise: or, which Sheep do we Follow? An Anglican Anomaly – Mary Tanner: A Theology for Europe: the raison d’être of the Church – Ola Tjørhom: The Goal of Visible Unity: Reaffirming our Commitment.