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Imagining the City, Volume 2

The Politics of Urban Space


Christian Emden, Catherine Keen and David Robin Midgley

Contents: Christian Emden/Catherine Keen/David Midgley: Introduction – Gil P. Klein: Oral Towns: Rabbinic Discourse and the Understanding of the Late Antique Jewish City – Jenny Rahel Oesterle: Topography of Sacral Space in the Middle Ages: Ottonian Bishop Towns and the Fatimid Capital Cairo – Catherine Keen: Boundaries and Belonging: Imagining Urban Identity in Medieval Italy – Ruth Schilling: Asserting the Boundaries: Defining the City and its Territory by Political Ritual – Alex Dougherty: Theatre, City, and the Baroque Imagination – Claire Daméry/Sylvie Miaux: The Panorama in the City: ‘Itinerary’ of a Patrimonial Place – Carolyn Steel: Feeding the Great Wen: An Alimental Portrait of Eighteenth-Century London – Alexander Kossert: ‘Promised Land’? Urban Myth and the Shaping of Modernity in Industrial Cities: Manchester and Lodz – Janet Stewart: Exhibiting and Communicating the City: Imagining Berlin around 1900 – Hsiu-Ling Kuo: Weltstadt of National Socialist Germany: The Greater Berlin Project – Simon Ward: Sites of Memory, Sites of the Imagination: Monumental and Urban Space – Stephanie Warnke: The Cold War of City Landmarks: Architecture and the Media in Berlin, 1950-70 – Toni Lorenzen: Marzahn in the Mind: An Analysis of the Imaginary Potential of a Housing District in the North-East of Berlin – Oscar J. Martinez: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Images of a Legendary Border City – Heidi Hein: The Idea of Lviv as a Bulwark against the East – Mireille Senn: Venice: Subject or Object of Memory? – Jenny Burns: Provisional Constructions of the Eternal City: Figurations of Rome in Recent Italophone Writing.