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The Nazi Party

The Anatomy of a People’s Party, 1919-1933

Paul Madden and Detlef Mühlberger

Contents: Who Were the Nazis? A Survey of Historical Opinion – The Sociology of the NSDAP: The Question of Working-Class Support – Some Social Characteristics of Early Nazi Party Members, 1919-1923 – The Occupational and Social Structure of the NSDAP in the Border Province Posen-West Prussia in the early 1930s – The Social Class Origins of Nazi Party Members as Determined by Occupations, 1925-1933 – The Social Dynamics of the Nazi Party in a Rural Area: County Friedberg, 1923-1935 – The Social Basis of the Nazi Party in the University Town of Göttingen, 1922-1935 – Big City Nazis: A Quantitative Breakdown of the Occupational and Class Structure of the Nazi Party’s Membership in Frankfurt am Main, 1925-1935.