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Unmasking Hitler

Cultural Representations of Hitler from the Weimar Republic to the Present


Klaus Berghahn and Jost Hermand

Contents: Claudia Schmölders: The Face That Said Nothing: Physiognomy in Hitlerism – Helmut Peitsch: «It is not worth trying to get to know the man. But one must […] have a look at […] the portrait of the petty bourgeois»: Ernst Ottwalt’s Awaken Germany! A History of National Socialism (1932) – Jost Hermand: John Heartfield or The Art of Cutting Out Hitler – Eric Ehrenreich/Matthew Lange/Corina Petrescu: Will to Power or Vox Populi? Hitler Biographies and the Question of Culpability – Gerhard Richter: Nazism and Negative Dialectics: Adorno’s Hitler – David Bathrick: Cinematic Remaskings of Hitler: From Riefenstahl to Chaplin – Jost Hermand: More than a House-Painter? Brecht’s Hitler – Klaus L. Berghahn: «Hitler and His Jew»: Notes on George Tabori’s Mein Kampf – Helen Fehervary: Heiner Müller’s Representations of Hitler: The Bunker as topos for the Endpoint and the Terror of the New – Thomas Jung: Pop-Icon Adolf Hitler: Hitler-Comics and Collective Memory in Contemporary Germany.