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Porous Boundaries

Texts and Images in Twentieth-Century French Culture


Jérôme Game

Contents: Jérôme Game: Genealogies of the Porous: The Text/Image Relationship from Representation to Differentiation – Hervé Castanet: Inhuman Diana – Jacques Rancière: The Space of Words: From Mallarmé to Broodthaers – Marie-Claire Ropars: On Filmic Rewriting: Contamination of the Arts or Destruction of Art’s Identity? – Raymond Bellour: Picture-Book – Nathalie Wourm: Poetry in Moving Image: The French Avant-Garde – Jean-Michel Rey: The Discourse of the Exhibition – Timothy Mathews: Space, Place and Virtuality: Gilles Deleuze with Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti – Jean-Marie Gleize: An Incoherent Bleue.