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Persecution and Pluralism

Calvinists and Religious Minorities in Early Modern Europe 1550-1700


Richard J. Bonney and David J.B. Trim

Contents: Richard Bonney/D.J.B. Trim: Introduction – Luc Racaut: Persecution or Pluralism? Propaganda and Opinion-Forming during the French Wars of Religion – Richard Bonney: ‘God, Fatherland and Freedom’: Rethinking Pluralism in Hungary in the Era of Partition and Rebellion, 1526-1711 – Judith Pollmann: From Freedom of Conscience to Confessional Segregation? Religious Choice and Toleration in the Dutch Republic – John Coffey: Scepticism, Dogmatism and Toleration in Seventeenth-Century England – Mary Trim: ‘In This Day of Perplexity’: Seventeenth-century Quaker Women – Christopher Durston: ‘Settling the Hearts and Quieting the Minds of all Good People’: The Major-Generals and the Puritan Minorities of Interregnum England – Paul C.-H. Lim: Adiaphora, Ecclesiology and Reformation: John Owen’s Theology of Religious Toleration in Context – Brian E. Strayer: The Edict of Fontainebleau (1685) and the Huguenots: Who’s to Blame? – David L. Wykes: ‘So Bitterly Censur’d and Revil’d: Religious Dissent and Relations with the Church of England After the Toleration Act.