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The Development of Pluralism in Modern Britain and France


Richard J. Bonney and David J.B. Trim

Contents: Richard Bonney/D.J.B. Trim: Introduction – Gwynne Lewis: The State, Calvinism, and the Evolution of Political and Religious Pluralism in France, c.1550s-1848 – William Lamont: False Witnesses? The English Civil War and English Ecumenism – Bryan W. Ball: ‘Through Darkness to Light.’ Post-Restoration Sabbatarianism: Survival and Continuity – Robin Briggs: A Moving Target: Jansenists and their Enemies in France – Randolph Vigne: Richard Hill and the Saving of Liberty of Conscience for the Vaudois – Terrie Dopp Aamodt: ‘Out of thee, O England, shall a bright star arise’: Mother Ann Lee and the English Origins of the Shakers – Penny Mahon: Domesticating Discourses: Woman as Writer in the Early Nineteenth-century Peace Society – John Wolffe: British Protestants and Europe, 1820-60: Some Perceptions and Influences – James C. Deming: Martyrs for Modernity: The Three Hundredth Jubilee of the French Reformation and the Catholic-Protestant Debate on the Huguenot Martyrs – Aubrey Newman: The Jewish Presence in Britain and France, 1650-1914 – Rik Torfs: The Present State of Religious Minorities in Europe – Richard Bonney: British and French Muslims: Between Assimilation and Segregation?