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Domestic Service and the Formation of European Identity

Understanding the Globalization of Domestic Work, 16th-21st Centuries

Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux

Contents: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux: Introduction – Richard Wall: The Social and Economic Significance of Servant Migration – Beatrice Moring: Migration, Servanthood and Assimilation in a New Environment – Christer Lundh: Life-Cycle Servants in Nineteenth Century Sweden: Norms and Practice – Marie-Christine (Lotta) Vikström: Female Domestic Servants in Sundsvall. A Swedish Sawmill Town, during Industrialization – Isidro Dubert: Agricultural Work, Social Structure and Labour Markets of the Rural Domestic Service in Galicia in the Mid-Eighteenth Century – Ofelia Rey Castelao/Raquel Iglesias Estepa: Domestic Service in Spain, 1750-1836: the Domestic Servants of the Clergy – Ludmila Fialová: Domestic Staff in the Czech Lands at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Light of Statistical Figures – Sølvi Sogner: The Legal Status of Servants in Norway from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century – Aurelia Martín Casares: Domestic Service in Spain. Legislation, Gender and Social Practice – Mary Louise Nagata: Domestic Service and the Law in Early Modern Japan – Karen Jaehrling: Political Reforms in the Domestic Service Sector - Aims and Impact – Adelle Blackett: Promoting Domestic Workers’ Human Dignity through Specific Regulation – Sheila McIsaac Cooper: From Family Member to Employee: Aspects of Continuity and Discontinuity in English Domestic Service, 1600-2000 – Helma Lutz/Susanne Schwalgin: Irregular Migration and the Globalization of Domestic Work: Migrant Domestic Workers in Germany – Gül Özyegin: Calling the Tune: Domestic Worker’s Earnings and Intra-Household Gender Relations in Turkey – Margaret Magat: Women Breadwinners in the Margins: Filipina Domestic Workers in Rome, Italy – Rhacel Salazar Parreñas: Gender Inequalities in the New Global Economy – Pothiti Hantzaroula: The Dynamics of the Mistress-Servant Relationship – Elisabeth Ewan: Mistresses of Themselves? Female Domestic Servants and By-Employments in Sixteenth-Century Scottish Towns – Suzy Pasleau/Isabelle Schopp: The Three Colours of Domestic Service in Belgium at the Start of the Twenty-First Century – Lise Widding Isaksen: Gender, Care and Globalization as seen from Norway – Bronwen Walter: Irish Domestic Servants and English National Identity – Margaret Lynch-Brennan: Was Bridget’s Experience Unique? A Comparative View of American Domestic Service over Time and Space – Carmen Sarasúa: Were Servants Paid according to their Productivity? – Shireen Moosvi: Domestic Service in Precolonial India: Bondage, Caste and Market.