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(e)Pedagogy – Visual Knowledge Building

Rethinking Art and New Media in Education

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss

The accelerating «iconic turn» in our society today increasingly demands the interactive representation of contextual knowledge. At the same time the use of Web based learning environments highlight the audio-visual dimension of (e)pedagogy and the move towards practical, project-oriented curricula.
Regardless of the educational field pedagogical expertise thus requires more and more understanding and control of visual elements and their interpretations.
There is a growing need for visually oriented pedagogical experts such as teachers, tutors, designers and developers who are capable of community knowledge building and collaboration with other experts from different fields from both private and public sectors.
The book intends to illuminate scientific and programmatic excerpts from an international community of researchers, practitioners, teachers and scholars working in interrelated fields such as Aesthetic Education, ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building, Visual Education, Art Education, Media Pedagogy and Intermedia Art Education.
Contents: Gerhard Hickisch: Transfairness – Pierangelo Maset: Aesthetic Operations - a perspective in art and media education – Torsten Meyer: Art Education within a New Medium – Martina Paatela-Nieminen: Thinking digitally and intermedially in art education – Iwan Pasuchin: Media Pedagogy and Interdisciplinary Artistic Education – Karl Josef Pazzini: Media, Suggestion, Suspicion – Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss: ePedagogy Design - Visual Knowledge Building – Peter Truniger: Communication in Creative Processes.