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Vagueness in Normative Texts


Vijay K. Bhatia, Jan Engberg, Maurizio Gotti and Dorothee Heller

Contents: V. Bhatia/J. Engberg/M. Gotti/D. Heller: Introduction – Timothy Endicott: The Value of Vagueness – Markus Nussbaumer: Zwischen Rechtsgrundsätzen und Formularsammlung: Gesetze brauchen (gute) Vagheit zum Atmen – Lawrence M. Solan: Vagueness and Ambiguity in Legal Interpretation – Pierre A. Karrer: Unbestimmtheit und Unvollständigkeit in Vereinbarungstexten und ihre Überwindung durch die Internationale Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit – Peter M. Tiersma: Categorical Lists in the Law – Celina Frade: Legal Multinomials: Recovering Possible Meanings from Vague Tags – Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld: The Lexical Semantics of Vague Adjectives in Normative Texts – Anne Wagner: Semiotic Analysis of the Multistage Dynamic at the Core of Indeterminacy in Legal Language – Christopher Williams: Vagueness in Legal Texts: Is There a Future for Shall? – Maurizio Gotti: Vagueness in the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration – Giuseppina Cortese: Indeterminacy in ‘Rainbow’ Legislation: The Convention on the Rights of the Child – Girolamo Tessuto: Ambiguity and Vagueness in Human Rights Discourse – Martin Solly: Vagueness in the Discourse of Insurance: The Case of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 – Vijay K. Bhatia: Specificity and Generality in Legislative Expression: Two Sides of the Coin – Dorothee Heller: Zwischen Bestimmtheit und strategischer Offenheit: Zur sprachlichen Qualifizierung deutscher und schweizerischer Sanktionsnormen – Marta Chromá: Indeterminacy in Criminal Legislation: A Translator’s Perspective – Anna Giordano Ciancio: Fairness in Consumer Law: A Vague, Flexible Notion – Davide Simone Giannoni: ‘Any dispute shall be settled by arbitration’: A Study of Vagueness in International Model Arbitration Clauses.