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Essays in French Literature, Thought and Cinema


Isabelle McNeill and Bradley Stephens

Contents: Isabelle McNeill/Bradley Stephens: Begin Transmission – Catherine Léglu: Nourishing Lineage in Coudrette’s Roman de Mélusine ou Histoire de Lusignan (1401) – Michael Moriarty: The Transmission of Original Sin: the doctrine of the Fall in seventeenth-century thought – Natalie Sheehan: Acknowledging the Intermediary: a look at scapegoats, supplements and the temptation of mimetic contagion in Girard, Derrida, and Agamben – Laura McMahon: The Contagious Body of the Film: Claire Denis’s Trouble Every Day (2001) – Andrew Asibong: Moja Sestra: Marie NDiaye and the transmission of horrific kinship – Kathryn Robson: From Beneath the Skin: rape and testimony in Nancy Huston’s Histoire d’Omaya (1985) – Ferzina Banaji: Alain Resnais’s Nuit et Brouillard (1955): memory, time and distance – Lucy O’Meara: ‘L’affaire Barthes’ and Ownership of the Voice – Sarah Joseph: Marcel and Albertine: a Proustian psychoanalysis of listening? – Stephen Forcer: Ceci n’est pas une transmission : Dada and surrealism in work by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville.