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Human Clocks

The Bio-Cultural Meanings of Age


Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdill, Henri Leridon and Nicholas Mascie-Taylor

Contents: Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdil: Overview – Alan H. Bittles/Richard F. Brightwell: Measuring Biological Ageing – Kristen L. Ossa/Douglas E. Crews: Biological and Genetic Theories of the Process of Senescence throughout Life – Meredith Uttley/Michael H. Crawford: Biological Indicators of Functional Age: A Case Study – Anik de Ribaupierre/Laurence Poget/Francisco Pons: The Age Variable in Cognitive Developmental Psychology – Eva Lelièvre: Ages, Life Courses, Life Event History Analysis – Kenneth G. Manton/Anatoli I. Yashin: Inequalities of Life: Statistical Analysis and Modeling Perspectives – Darryl J. Holman/Kathleen A. O’Connor/James W. Wood: Age and Female Reproductive Function: Identifying the Most Important Biological Determinants – Margarita M. Carmenate Moreno/Antonio J. Martínez Fuentes/Sonia Catasús Cervera: Menopause: The Psychosocial Meanings of a Biological Transition – Paul Spencer: The Natural Substructure of Age Systems and the Social Construction of Ageing – Patrice Bourdelais/Vincent Gourdon: Demographic Categories Revisited. Age Categories and the Age of the Categories – Yvonne Preiswerk: Cultural and Social Perception of the Gender- and Age-based Relationships. Exemplarity of Societies in the Alpine Valleys of Switzerland – Máire Ní Bhrolcháin: The Age Difference between Partners: A Matter of Female Choice? – Gilles Pison/Patrick Ohadike: Errors and Manipulations in Age Assessment – Graciela Hierro: The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Age.