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Studia Educationis Historica

Bildungsgeschichtliche Studien / Studies in the History of Education / Estudios de Historia de la Educación

Edited By Marcelo Caruso, Eckhardt Fuchs, Gert Geißler, Sabine Reh, Eugenia Roldán Vera and Noah W. Sobe

Social and cultural processes are eminently historical. Historical research and historical studies, themselves embedded in historical contexts, meet this fact by reconstructing historical processes and by making offers for their analysis and interpretation. A series of new phenomena and transformations are currently challenging the exploration of education and formation and their different institutionalized forms. Among them, the process of ?dense’ globalization, increasing cultural transfers and entanglements, the scarcity of natural resources, the accelerated pace of the transformation of media environments and novel forms of individualization are some of the most pressing. These phenomena and transformations pose new questions for historical research in education.

The book series Studia Educationis Historica offers historical studies that address these challenges with traditional and innovative historical research methods. The series offers analyses on the history of education in different countries as well as comparative and international studies. German, English, and Spanish are the languages of the book series.

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