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Religion, Spirituality and Identity

Kirsi Tirri

Spirituality and holistic education have been very popular themes in the current education research and literature. Researchers and educators are challenged to clarify what spirituality means in the context of religion and education. This book brings together recent work by leading international researchers in the fields of theology and education. The book is divided into three parts. While the first part deals with the theoretical framework, the second part contains empirical studies on religion and spirituality. The third part is about teaching religion. The book presents an updated overview of research on spirituality.
Contents: Kirsi Tirri: Introduction – Andrew Wright: Spiritual Identity and the Pursuit of Truth – Hannele Niemi: Identity Formation and Religious Education - Meeting the Challenge for a Meaningful Life – Leif Gunnar Engedal: Homo Viator. The Search for Identity and Authentic Spirituality in a Post-modern Context – Heikki Kotila: Contemporary Worship as an Expression of Post-modern Spirituality – Geir Skeie: What Do We Mean by «Religion» in Education? – Paul Vermeer: Are Dutch Youths Trading in Religion for Spirituality? – Martin Ubani: What Makes Life Spiritual? – Elina Hella: How Do Finnish Upper Secondary Students Relate to Lutherans? – Kati Niemelä: Does Religious Upbringing Matter? – Boel Westerberg: To Teach Is to Choose – Antti Räsänen: Teaching Religion - A Teacher’s Multidimensional Role – Jenny Berglund: What Takes Place in the Quran Class? – Kirsi Tirri/Hannu Sorri/Lassi Pruuki: Teachers’ Views on Meaningful Learning in the Context of Applied Theological Studies.