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Toward a Fuller Human Identity

A Phenomenology of Family Life, Social Harmony, and the Recovery of the Black Self


Pius Ojara, SJ

This book is based on the thought of Gabriel Marcel and offers an introduction to the central categories of Marcel’s thought, focusing on his idea of existential humanism. This study deals with the ambivalence of human existence and the concepts of being, ego and bodiliness. The author draws on examples from everyday life with a particular focus on African values and the recovery of the black self.
Contents: The Problematic in Human Existence – The Beautiful and the Dialectical Human Structure – Social Mediation of Being: A Case of some African Traditional Values – Being and the Ego in the Dialectic of Re-Creating the World – Bodiliness as Human Openness – Sexuality and Sexual Feelings – The Recovery of the Black Self – The Ego, Being and the Trinity – God as Fullness of Being for Christianity in the 21st Century.