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Communication in Healthcare


Karen Bryan

Communication within the context of health and social care faces many challenges. Our understanding of how language and communication information is processed by the brain is increasing our awareness of the complexities involved and the influence of normal ageing on communication processing. Care systems are becoming more complex and service users demand more information and choice. At the same time, the range of service users encountered by practitioners includes more people with varied language backgrounds, and greater language and cultural diversity is occurring among health and social care staff.
This volume explores current challenges to achieving effective communication in health and social care. It outlines how practitioners communicate, innovative methods for teaching communication skills, and methodologies to include children and people with communication difficulties in research and in consultation processes about healthcare. Particular communication issues, within the context of healthcare, for population groups such as older people, asylum seekers, young offenders and people with mental health problems are also addressed.
Contents: Karen Bryan: Editorial – Emilia Łojek: Imaging Communication in the Brain – Jane Maxim: Ageing and Language – Pamela C. Snow: Oral Language Competence in Childhood and Access to Equity in Education and Health across the Lifespan – Dawn Jennifer/Helen Cowie: Engaging Children and Young People actively in Research – Tom Penman/Madeline Cruice: Involving People with Communication Disability in Healthcare Consultations – Simon Horton: Practitioner Communication in Healthcare Contexts – Ranjit Khutan: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Communication Skills – Helen Allan/Pam Smith: The Cultural Context of Communication: Overseas Nurses’ Experience of being ‘Different’ in the NHS – Ian Robbins: Communication with Refugees and Asylum Seekers – Juliana Onwumere/Elizabeth Kuipers: Family Communication in Psychosis.