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The Other Shiites

From the Mediterranean to Central Asia


Alessandro Monsutti, Silvia Naef and Farian Sabahi

Contents: Silvia Naef/Farian Sabahi: The Other Shiites: An Introduction – Gökhan Çetinsaya: The Ottoman View of the Shiite Community of Iraq in the Late Nineteenth Century – Hans-Lukas Kieser: The Anatolian Alevis’ Ambivalent Encounter with Modernity in Late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkey – Hussein Gharbieh: Hizbullah and the Legacy of Imam Musa al-Sadr – Daniel Meier: The Shiites of Lebanon in the Post-War Era: a New Identity? – Mariam Abou Zahab: The Politicization of the Shia Community in Pakistan in the 1970s and 1980s – Yitzhak Nakash: The Muharram Rituals and the Cult of the Saints among Iraqi Shiites – Sabrina Mervin: ‘Ashura’: Some Remarks on Ritual Practices in Different Shiite Communities (Lebanon and Syria) – Michel Boivin: Representations and Symbols in Muharram and Other Rituals: Fragments of Shiite Worlds from Bombay to Karachi – Alessandro Monsutti: Image of the Self, Image of the Other: Social Organization and the Role of ‘Ashura’ among the Hazaras of Quetta (Pakistan) – Nile Green: Shiism, Sufism and Sacred Space in the Deccan: Counter-Narratives of Saintly Identity in the Cult of Shah Nur – Gabrielle Van den Berg: The ‘Sura of the Gift’ in the Oral Tradition of the Ismailis of Tajik Badakhshan – Werner Ende: Success and Failure of a Shiite Modernist: Muhammad ibn Muhammad Mahdi al-Khalisi (1890-1963) – Stephan Rosiny: The Twelver Shia Online: Challenges for its Religious Authorities.