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The Book of Interruptions

David Hillman and Adam Phillips

We are living in the Age of Interruption; modern technology is changing our forms of attention, everyday life is subject to more disruption than ever before. As the pattern of our lives changes so dramatically so too does our sense of continuity and tradition. In a series of essays by distinguished writers from diverse fields this book explores how the idea of Interruption constitutes our sense of ourselves, often without our noticing. Interruption has become part of the new order of our lives, both a threat and a promise. These eloquent and searching accounts give interruption its place as a powerful figure and force.
Contents: David Hillman/Adam Phillips: Introduction – Marjorie Garber: Third Person Interruption – Hugh Haughton: Xanadu and Porlock: thoughts on composition and interruption – Stanley Cavell: Interruption and Repetition – Anne Alvarez: Autism and Uninterruptibility – Anita Sokolsky: Breathlessness and Interruption in Austen’s Emma and Godard’s Breathless – Gillian Beer: The Pink Frock and the Green Satin Night-Gown: interrupting death’s interruptions – Victor Burgin: Armide, a train of thought – John Wilkinson: A Poem for Liars – Joseph Rykwert: Building - at a price – Maud Ellmann: Fly, Interrupted – Stephen Tifft: Catharsis Interrupta – George Benjamin: ‘Interruptions’ – Joan Acocella: Breaking The Trance – Gabriel Josipovici: Interruption and the Last Part.