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By One Spirit

Reconciliation and Renewal in Anglican Life- With a Preface by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Lorraine Cavanagh

This is a book for anyone seeking a way out of deadlock in Church conflict situations. In employing a contemplative approach to the conflict in the Anglican Communion, it shows how relationships can be rebuilt with affection leading to trust. The author argues for reconciliation which comes with a renewed awareness of the dynamic activity of the Holy Spirit in the Church’s life of communion. The present conflict has blocked this activity, stifling the Church’s intellectual life by reducing it to a matter of issue-driven politics which have seriously undermined its relationships. The book offers the Anglican Communion the possibility of renewing its life together in a deeper and more apophatic encounter with God in which the certainties which divide it are set aside while the Church rediscovers the genuine bonds of affection which, until now, have held it together. This, it argues, is the work which needs to be undertaken before a Covenant is put in place if the Anglican Communion is to continue to reveal the Gospel in ways which are meaningful for a constantly changing and fragmented world.
Contents: The Origins and Source of Fragmentation – Richard Hooker and the Coherence of Anglicanism – The Hospitality of Anglicanism – Life in the Spirit – Reconciliation and Renewal: A Spiritual Exercise – Hearing and Speaking the Truth in Love – A Hospitable Dynamic: Covenant and Ongoing Life of Communion in Christ – Lambeth 2008: A Reconciled Church of the Future.