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The Unruly Garden

Robert Duncan and Eric Mottram - Letters and Essays


Amy Evans and Shamoon Zamir

Robert Duncan was a defining figure of twentieth-century American poetry. Eric Mottram was a pioneer in the field of American Studies in the UK and a key contributor to the British Poetry Revival. In the 1970s the two men conducted a wide-ranging dialogue on poetry, politics and the religious through an exchange of intense and often expansive letters. Mottram continued the dialogue in two substantive critical examinations of Duncan’s work. The Unruly Garden presents an annotated edition of the complete available correspondence along with the two essays. The first essay was heavily edited when originally published and is included here in its restored form. The second essay appeared in a small press magazine and now receives the wider circulation it deserves.
Contents: Robert Duncan/Eric Mottram: Entertaining Interference – Robert Duncan: A Pre PreFace for Eric Mottram – Eric Mottram: Letter to Robert Duncan – Letters: Duncan and Mottram – Essays: Eric Mottram: Heroic Survival through Ecstatic Forms: Robert Duncan’s Roots and Branches - Eric Mottram: Robert Duncan: The Possibilities of an Adequate History and of a Poetics of Event.