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New Employment Actors

Developments from Australia

Grant Michelson, Suzanne Jamieson and John Burgess

This volume contains a selection of papers which go back to a conference on new employment actors, held at the University of Sydney in November 2006. The book contends that employment relations must be broadened to examine the new actors and processes and the role these play in the regulation and experience of work. It demonstrates this in the context of recent developments in Australia. In addition, the contributions evaluate the extent to which new employment actors either reinforce or replace the activities of the more established trade union, management, and state-based actors. It is argued that an inclusion of these new actors and processes is a more comprehensive way of understanding and explaining industrial society in the 21st century.
Contents: Grant Michelson: New Actors in Australian Employment Relations – Peter Waring/Alex De Ruyter/John Burgess: The Australian Fair Pay Commission: A New Actor Performing an Old Function – David Baker: The ‘New’ Policing of Industrial Discord – Belinda Smith: The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission: A New Role for Equality Advocate? – Glenda Strachan/Erica French: The Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency: Equity for Women under an Individualised Employment System – Suzanne Jamieson: The National Pay Equity Coalition: The Role of Women’s Groups in Employment Relations – Jennifer Sappey: Student-Customers as Actors in Employment Relations: The Case of Australian Higher Education – Tilda Khoshaba: ‘Let Me Represent You’: Player Agents in the Australian Rugby League Labour Market – Peter Waring/John Lewer/John Burgess: The Corporate Social Responsibility Movement: A New Actor in Employment Relations? – Joellen Riley/Troy Sarina: The New Conflict Managers: A Critical Assessment of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods under WorkChoices – Bernadine Van Gramberg: Consultants in Conflict: New Actors in Australia’s Evolving Employment Relations System – Andrea Kirk/Eve Anderson: Examining the New Actor Status of Employee Assistance Programmes: A Voice for Employees?