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Multiple Citizenship in Europe – Views of Officials


Devorah Kalekin-Fishman and Pirkko Pitkänen

This book presents findings from an ambitious comparative project. The nine chapters describe results of a theoretically based survey of officials’ personal approaches to multiple citizenships. In this study, members of parliaments, heads of government ministries, officials in local government and in NGOs disclose how they feel about multiple citizenships and how they deal with problems that arise. They also discuss their views on education for (multiple) citizenship and on the evolving relationship of national and regional citizenship. Despite the similarities in formal governance structures of the countries analysed in this research study (Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Estonia, the UK), there are deep differences in their state histories, in the mode of their association with the European Union, and in their national cultures. These have a decisive impact on the types of problems officials are faced with and on their interpretations of citizenship and sovereignty in the twenty-first century. This volume provides a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of how officials view the dilemmas of citizenship.
Contents: Devorah Kalekin-Fishman/Pirkko Pitkänen: Introduction – Jussi Ronkainen/Päivi Harinen/Juhani Rautopuro/Pirkko Pitkänen: Expanding the Sphere of Citizenship: The Case of Finland – Didier Le Saout/Aissa Kadri: Public Authorities in France and Social Representations of Dual Nationality – Yvonne Schröter/Christoph Mengelkamp/Reinhold Jäger: Key Concept Multiculturalism: Survey of Elites on Dual Citizenship in Germany – Haris Athanasiadis/Costas Zafeiropoulos/Nikos Marantzidis: Opinion Survey among National Policy Makers and Authorities in Greece – Devorah Kalekin-Fishman: Uncertainties about the Meaning of Dual Citizenship among Israeli Policy Makers – Maria Ramos/Ana Teixeira: Dual Citizenship, Governance and Education: Survey among National Policy Makers and Authorities in Portugal – Elizabeth Smith/Gajendra K. Verma: Dual Citizenship in the United Kingdom: Policy Makers’ Views on Political, Legal, Socio-Economic and Education Issues – Päivi Toropainen/Päivi Harinen/Juhani Rautopuro/Konstantinos Tsitselikis: Between the Old and the New: Different Perspectives on Dual Citizenship and European Citizenship.