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Teaching Academic and Professional English Online

Isabel González-Pueyo, Carmen Foz Gil and Mercedes Jaime Siso

In the last few years Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have emerged as a transforming element in language teaching and learning and have become an integral part of many courses of English for professional and academic purposes (ESP). This collection brings together contributions from ESP teachers, who provide an account of educational experiences involving ICTs and share their practices, successes, failures and reflections. Most papers in the volume report on blended learning experiences, where teachers use either Course Management Systems like WebCT or Moodle, or online learning environments created by themselves.
The contributions give ideas on how to develop pedagogically sound online language learning materials. Additionally, they discuss issues related to online language pedagogy and promote the development of online learning.
Contents: María José Luzón: Learning Academic and Professional English Online: Integrating Technology, Language Learning and Disciplinary Knowledge – Ruth Trinder: The Potential of Blended Learning Environments in Terms of Beneficial Language Learning Conditions – Elisabet Arnó Macià/Carmen Rueda Ramos/Antonia Soler Cervera: Designing a Virtual Learning Environment for EAP Students: Quantum LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) – Ana Gimeno Sanz: Online Courseware Design and Delivery: The Ingenio Authoring System – Mª Luisa Carrió Pastor: Enhancing Learner-Teacher Collaboration through the Use of Online Activities – Mª Camino Bueno Alastuey: Using WebCT in a Course of English for Academic/Specific Purposes: The Case of English for Agriculture – Antonella Elia: Can a Collaborative WiKi Weblish Dictionary Project Help Academic Writing of ICT Language Learners? – Philippa Mungra: Online Delivery of a Writing Course: Description of a Blended Language Course Integrated into Medicine – Jarosław Krajka: Promoting Discovery Learning in English for Academic and Professional Purposes: Implementing Concordancing Procedures in Online Courses.