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Knowing Work

The Social Relations of Working and Knowing


Markus Weil, Leena Koski and Liv Mjelde

Contents: Markus Weil/Leena Koski/Liv Mjelde/Richard Daly: Introduction – Leena Koski: Vocational Curriculum - Morality for the Working Class? – Jeanne Gamble: Knowledge and Identity in the Mobile Workplace – Sue Shore: Literacy Surveys as Racial Projects: Contemporary Debates about Literacy and Skill Development – Richard Daly: Communicating the Nonverbal Knowledge of Working Life: Making Visible the Invisible – Liv Mjelde: New Challenges in the Social Organisation of Knowledge in Vocational Education: Unity and Diversity in Vocational Didactics in Relation to the Identity of Specific Trades and Professions – Norman Lucas: Vocational Programs in Further Education Colleges: Are They a Real Alternative for Disengaged Young Learners? – Martha Roldán: Work and Learning Organization Dynamics: A Missing Link in the Problematic of Informational Development? Reflections on «Artistic» Artisan Production in Argentina from 1993 to the Present – Christian Helms Jørgensen: Three Conceptions of the Changing Relations between Education and Work – Markus Weil: Rethinking a Network Approach in Vocational Education Research – Bettina Siecke: Concepts of Emotions and their Relevance for Understanding Social Relations in Learning and Working.