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Intercultural Business Communication and Simulation and Gaming Methodology


Victoria Guillén Nieto, Carmen Marimón-Llorca and Chelo Vargas-Sierra

This book received the Enrique Alcaraz research award in 2010.
This volume derives from the COMINTER-SIMULNEG research project which aims at designing a pragmatic model for the analysis of intercultural communication between Spaniards and Britons, as well as developing a teaching methodology for cultural awareness based on computer simulation of real business settings. Contributions to this volume focus on three main issues: (a) explaining intercultural communication; (b) research on intercultural business communication; (c) the use of simulation and gaming methodology for the acquisition of communicative and cross-cultural competence in business settings. This book adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study and practice of intercultural business communication, borrowing concepts from social anthropology, social cognition, cognitive linguistics, and intercultural pragmatics.
Contents: Victoria Guillén-Nieto/Carmen Marimón-Llorca/Chelo Vargas-Sierra: Preface – Victoria Guillén-Nieto: Crossing Disciplines in Intercultural Communication Research – Victoria Escandell-Vidal: Social Cognition and Intercultural Communication – José Mateo/Francisco Yus: Business Language from a Cognitive Perspective – Annette Grindsted: Intercultural Negotiations: Theories Revisited – Paula Ronkainen: Multi-cultural Meetings – Miguel Ángel Campos-Pardillos/Isabel Balteiro-Fernández: Building Bridges…and Properties Aplenty: Cultural Problems in Spanish Marketing for Real Estate Prospective British Buyers – Miguel Ángel García-Yeste: The Language of Graphic Advertising in Spain: Bridging the Cultural Gap – Francisco Javier Díaz-Pérez: Perspective Selection and Politeness in the Production of Face-Threatening Acts in English and Spanish – Mª Antonia Martínez Linares: From Hiding the Speaker to Persuasion: se-Passive and se-Impersonal Constructions – Carmen Marimón-Llorca: Cultural Models and Social Discourses in Business: the Case of - Ideological - Politeness Strategies in Service Encounters – Amparo García-Carbonell/Frances Watts: Simulation and Gaming Methodology in Language Acquisition – Beverly Rising: Business Simulations as a Vehicle for Language Acquisition – Gert Jan Hofstede/Paul B. Pedersen/Geert Hofstede: The Synthetic Cultures Model as a Simulation and Gaming Methodology for Intercultural Sensitization and Training in Business Settings.