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Electronic Emotion

The Mediation of Emotion via Information and Communication Technologies


Jane Vincent and Leopoldina Fortunati

Electronic emotion is the emotion lived, re-lived or discovered through machines. It is the emotion that users of information and communication technologies (ICTs) feel when using or not using different devices. Through ICTs emotion is amplified, shaped, stereotyped and re-invented but at the same time sacrificed. This book addresses a number of questions such as: What does electronic emotion actually mean? How does emotion change when mediated by information and communication technologies? How are the production and the consumption of electronic and mediated emotion articulated? What emotional investment do people express in ICTs? The editors have brought together a distinctive group of scholars from multiple disciplines including social sciences, linguistics and information sciences to discuss and provide some answers to these questions.

«This book spotlights an understudied area – ICT and emotions – from multiple angles. We get treated to thoughtful distillations of existing bodies of work and are alerted to areas ripe for research. It is just the right book for getting the proverbial snowball rolling in an emerging area of research.» (Harmeet Sawhney, Editor-in-Chief, ‘The Information Society’)
«Anyone interested in the socio-technical landscape of the 21st century ought to read this book. It provides an excellent history on debates about emotion and presents empirical studies of the contemporary world that show just how important emotion is.» (Richard Harper, Professor of Socio-Digital Systems, Principal Researcher, Socio-Digital Systems Microsoft Research)
«At last an intelligent collection of essays which examines the emotions underlying much of our social relations with ICTs. An important contribution to our understanding of computer-mediated communication and new media technologies.» (Brian Loader, Editor, ‘Information Communication and Society’)