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Business, Globalization and the Common Good


Edited By Henri-Claude de Bettignies and François Lépineux

Globalization and information technology are driving the world into a new era. Is it the responsibility of business to pursue the common good – and more precisely, to participate in the construction of the global common good? This book brings together contributions from various disciplines, written by scholars who are at the forefront of this debate. It provides multiple insights into a tripartite relationship: business, globalization and the common good. It helps explain why the business sphere will probably not be in a position to ignore the common good much longer, and why this latter concept, widely ignored in today’s management realm, is likely to become part of tomorrow’s corporate policies and practices in the global context. Finally, this work opens up a plethora of avenues for future research, calling for the development of transdisciplinary approaches and for the elaboration of a research program embracing theoretical, empirical and spiritual perspectives to tackle this complex issue.
Contents: Henri-Claude de Bettignies/François Lépineux: Business and the Global Common Good: An Interdisciplinary Approach – Helen Alford/Yuliya Shcherbinina: Corporate Social Responsibility and Common Good – Hendrik Opdebeeck: The Common Good as a Global Wealth: Preventing Globalization from Leading to an Ethical Decay of the Common Good – Kenneth E. Goodpaster: Stakeholders and the Common Good: A Polarity within Corporate Conscience – Noel Keizo Yamada: Business Ethics and Inter-Religious Contribution in the Age of Globalization – László Zsolnai: Nature, Society and Future Generations – Josep F. Mària: ¡Ay mi Nicaragüita! The Construction of the Common Good in Nicaragua as a «Work of Translation» – Jean-Marie Fèvre: The Common Good as a Criterion for a Globalization in the Service of Mankind – Wojciech W. Gasparski: Ethical Infrastructure for Business with Special Emphasis on Poland: Designing for the Common Good – Laura P. Hartman/Scott Kelley/Patricia H. Werhane: Profit, Partnerships and the Global Common Good – Jean-François Petit: Reflections on Global Civil Society – Zsolt Boda: Can Governance Structures and Civil-Corporate Partnerships Manage the Global Commons? – Isabelle Cadet: Legal Aspects of the Respect for Environmental Common Goods: On What Foundations Does it and Should it Rely? – Jacob Dahl Rendtorff: Business, Society and the Common Good: The Contribution of Paul Ricœur – Jean-Jacques Rosé: Corporate Responsibility and Global Social Contract: New Constructivist, Personalist and Dialectical Perspectives.