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Trinity and Salvation

Theological, Spiritual and Aesthetic Perspectives


Declan Marmion and Gesa Thiessen

This book gathers together the proceedings of the conference Trinity and Salvation: Theological, Spiritual and Aesthetic Perspectives held at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin, in February 2008. The last few decades have seen a significant revival in Trinitarian theology. From being perceived as an esoteric and speculative doctrine, the Trinity is increasingly seen as a resource from which a variety of theological and spiritual themes can usefully be explored. As Karl Rahner remarked, if the Trinity is a mystery of salvation, it cannot be disconnected from Christian spirituality and faith. In this book the theology of the Trinity is discussed from contemplative, aesthetic and inter-religious perspectives. Such approaches are shown to be rooted in the Patristic and medieval tradition and continue to be prominent as Trinitarian theology becomes more inter-disciplinary in method. Thus the book explores the interface between the Trinity and mysticism, visual art, music, anthropology, ecclesiology and inter-religious dialogue. It offers fresh perspectives on a perennial theological theme in a way that makes the Trinity more credible for today.
Contents: Declan Marmion/Gesa Thiessen: The Revival of Trinitarian Theology – Finbarr Clancy: Trinity and Ecclesiology: The Need for a Patristic Ressourcement – Rik Van Nieuwenhove: Trinity, Faith and Mysticism: The Need for a Medieval Ressourcement – Declan Marmion: Trinity and Salvation: A Dialogue with Catherine LaCugna’s God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life – Philip Sheldrake: Trinity and Anthropology: The Self, Transformation and Spirituality – Gesa Thiessen: Images of the Trinity in Visual Art – Kathleen Fitzpatrick: Trinity and Music: Intonations of the Triune God – John D’Arcy May: Creator Spirit: A Narrative Theology of the Trinity in Interreligious Relations.