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Human rights abuses in the contemporary world

Tri-National Workshop, Tbilisi, September 2011


Ralf Alleweldt, Raphael Callsen and Jeanne Dupendant

At the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the General Assembly of the United Nations States deplored that «in no country or territory can it be claimed that all human rights have been fully realized at all times for all. Human beings continue to suffer from the neglect and violation of their human rights and fundamental freedoms». Especially in Georgia, human rights abuses are a painful part of recent history. The tri-national workshop organized by the Caucasus School of Law (Georgia) and the Universities of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (France) and Potsdam (Germany) opened new perspectives on how to effectively prevent such violations. Are preventive mechanisms necessary? Is «soft law» more effective than «hard law»? Is there a contradiction between the right of people to selfdetermination and territorial integrity? Who is bound by human rights in armed conflicts? Do human rights play a role in criminal law? Which mechanisms allow for an application of human rights in Private International Law? Are transnational corporations liable for human rights violations? These and other issues are explored in twelve selected papers written in English, French and German.
Contents: Otmar Seul: Foreword – Raphaël Callsen/Jeanne Dupendant/Ralf Alleweldt: Introduction – Ioseb Kelenjeridze : Les rapports entre démocratie et droits de l’Homme - l’exemple du Conseil de l’Europe et de la Géorgie – Giorgi Asatiani: Questions of the death penalty in Georgia and former Eastern Bloc countries – Ralf Alleweldt: Prevention of torture in the Black Sea region - progress or stagnation? – Jean-Marc Thouvenin: Is there a contradiction between self-determination and territorial integrity? – Nina Kapaun: Human rights aspects of targeted killings – Olaf Seiring: Direct human rights obligations of non-state parties to armed conflicts: between positive international law and human rights aspirations – Eliette Mirau-Gondoin: Der Beitrag des ICTY and ICTR zur Entwicklung des Völkerstrafrechts zu sexueller Gewalt – Rieke Arendt: Die Sicherungsverwahrung vor dem EGMR, dem Bundesverfassungsgericht und dem Conseil Constitutionnel - Rechtsvergleich und Ausblick – Raphaël Callsen: Human rights and public policy exception in private international law – Romuald Di Noto : Le droit au respect de la vie privée et familiale, nouveau paradigme en droit international privé des personnes ? – Jeanne Dupendant : Le Pacte Mondial des Nations Unies, un mécanisme efficace de protection et de promotion des droits de l’Homme ? – Caroline Breton : La responsabilité civile extraterritoriale des entreprises multinationales au regard des droits de l’homme.