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Leadership in a Changing World

From MBA to MBL¿


Kitty Jacobs, Alain Michel and Paul Werth

When everything has been said and done, when all theories have been written... what do leaders out in the field have to say about it all? How do those who practise leadership every day relate to all the existing theories? What is their assessment of them? What really enters into the role of a leader? What are the current problems and challenges that leaders of today face? Are there common underlying themes?
This book is meant or anybody who is interested in hearing what people who are in the everyday business of leading companies or teams have to say about leadership. No theories, no ready-made answers, but rather a reflection on certain current issues and useful hints for the future.
Anybody who is involved in leading a company or a team, anybody whose work involves the human aspects of running a business, or indeed anybody who has some professional or personal interest in the matter.
We hope this book will set your thinking processes working. That it will stimulate you to re-examine your reality in a fresh light and will enable you to come up with some new and creative solutions for the challenges you face.
Last but not least, we hope you enjoy reading it.
Contents: Introduction - Some Initial Viewpoints - What is Leadership? - Leader - Born or Made? - What a Leader Does - Training for Leadership - Conclusions.